Who am I ?

“Who am I?”
This is not only a philosophical question, it also touches upon the vocation, it is not only existential, but strategic.
When you are not satisfied at work, the routine weighs and you’re coasting to 20; When anger accumulates without you finding a way to express it civilly or you endure it permanently; asking yourself this question “Who am I?” could seems inessential and vain, but that’s precisely what you should ask yourself.
Irritability, impatience, frustration, stress, are signs that what is important to you has been trampled or forgotten for some time. It is also the sign that you are identified with your professional role more than you think, well or badly defined this role can crumble when, for example, your hierarchy changes, the company or the clients for which you work announce new objectives and reorganizations.
Your professional role is also influenced by the expectations of your family, friends and groups you are part of.
If you do not know who you are, you can not make wise decisions. No role can give you the answer to “Who am I?” and no role has the power to reaffirm you with the other roles you play in life.
So, if you deeply desire to change job, to leave away, to change your activities, the time has come.
I am here to bring you back to this essential question, with curiosity and interest in the process of positive change that you are going to forward.

I am the one who loves to accompany you in the change.
I am the one who is committed to making this change coherent to what is most important to you.
I am the one who listens to you.
I am the one who give you effective techniques and method.
I am the one who trust you and the process that leads you to the creation of your new work.