What do I want ?

“What do I want?”
The question is not pretentious or arrogant. It is also a strategic issue, whether you are an employee or a professional, manager a company, a group of employers or a work team.
Would the will be only the destructive force of the selfish? No.
It is the sword, yes, which reduces obstacles and it can be patient, determined, coherent, complete and wise.
Will is a conscious and direct act. In fact, it is not the will that drives you, you are endowed with a will to drive.
If you do not lead it, it will not move a muscle for you, if you ignore it it will reduce to nothing at all. That is the sense of leadership.
Do you feel that the decisions at workplace have been imposed on you? Do you feel you have very small room of leeway? Is what you do useless or even counterproductive?
When you no longer want to make your voice to be heard when it is needed, this is a sign that you are far from your seat, the leader within you, his vision, his mission and his desire to achieve it.

I want you to be able to realize yourself through your work, I want you to be happy to work, I want this happiness to spread in the workplaces and to be part of this change.
I want to bring you back to your headquarters, teach you how to use your will, accompany you in decision making and I want to be able to testimony when you’ll be happy.

The mission of Swonzehc

To contribute to human happiness, I conceive, organize and lead projects to accompany leadership at work, according to my own professional style, with respect for all individuals and the principles of psychosynthesis.