My goal is that you find a work that you like.

Perhaps you were told that finding a job that you like is a useless dream or a form of self-importance. Fortunately, it is neither one nor the other.

First, it is not a dream but a goal. It’s daring to step forward and sometimes backward slightly; to ask you more deeply and before doing something what it is really important to you as a real person.

This is happening: some people change job during their career with a renewed satisfaction. Also, without changing their job, other people are able to change their attitude or working environment to continue to do it with more pleasure than before. Finally, some people are now transforming their hobby into a profession.

All these people have been able to listen to something secret in themselves and make it grow and better.

How could it be for you if you were looking for a job that you like? I can’t answer this question yet, because fortunately it is a journey that hides surprises and I’m willing to accompany you and lead you in a group of people seeking too a job they love.

To achieve this goal I designed “Swonzehc”. Here below you can discover all the services I deliver to help you in finding a job you like.

Why seeking “a” and not “the” job you love? Because you have more than one chance to succeed actually. So, you will make a choice.

When you are a person surrounded by others who advise you all the time, making a choice is never easy. Because others often speak for themselves instead of you; they speak because they have heard others speaking; also, they talk in relation to their preferences and fears.

With me you can talk openly, in a setting where judgment and advice take a break. More, when they are in a group, my clients adopt the same attitude as me. Why?

Because it is useful to all, it make you feel good and it is effective to reach your goal.

I am looking forward to accompany you to find a work you like. Please, write to me from the contact page and get ready to tell your story in your way.

I’d love to hear from you.

Stella Repola